At a certain point, it is broken down into a graded series of cosmic entities, the aiones , which bear the sign of the primary principle from which they sprung while remaining fatally inferior to it. The first part of this article is intended primarily for patients and lay people, and the second part on a separate web page is intended for ophthalmologists. Reprinted in Puech, Henri-Charles.

This can be tested by recording the blood pressure every 10 to 20 minutes over a 24 hour period, with an ambulatory blood pressure monitor Figs. If the blood supply to the optic nerve is interrupted, it produces ischemia of the optic nerve technical name, "ischemic optic neuropathy" , and a loss of vision develops. The doctrine of the two aeones , the present one being dominated by the devil-kosmokrator and nearing its end, and the one to come, which is imminent and will fulfill the messianic promises of perfection, is rooted in Jewish apocalypticism.

Frankfurt am Main, Fluorescein fundus angiography is a routine dye test, done to find out the state of circulation in the back of the eye and optic disc Figs.