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Juuni Kokuki add permalink. Both involve samurai and have a lot of action, romance, and the presence of guns. If you enjoyed Trigun then you'll probably enjoy Kenshin just the same, and vicea versa. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add permalink Both are epic action shows with a lot of depth, great characters, and deep philosophy. On June 28, , a live-action film adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin was announced. Hijikata, like Kenshin, is a lovable main character, and it's amazing to see some of the events that happened before the timeline of Rurouni Kenshin. Beautiful scenery and classic japanese style. Besides the enviroment and context, both anime feature gentle, serious and devote samurai as main characters. Black Cat add permalink Both main characters of the series are skilled assasins ones of the best in fact that decide never to kill again and help other to atone for their previous life styles.

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They have good sword fighting style. Touch — High School! The series has received praise from various publications for manga, anime and other media, with both having received a good response on the characters' designs and historical setting. Premiered: Winter

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The artwork of Watsuki was said to have improved as the series continued, noting that characters also had reactions during fights. Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou add permalink. Both individuals, despite their reputations and status as dangerous warriors, have sworn to never take a life and go to great pains to abide by that vow. Archived from the original on April 26,

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Samurai Deeper Kyo is similar to Rurouni Kenshin because they both deal with samurai and sword-fighting. The anime is about the mc being a swordsman who is trying to get away from his past and start a new life as a wonderer. Archived from the original on 7 December

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Box Office Mojo. Archived from the original on July 7, Consultado em 11 de fevereiro de I've found this one trough recomendations for JK, it is indeed reminds me a lot about Twelve Kingdoms, but that's not all of it. March 3, Listen to me guys, this is what being a true man is about! Saraiya Goyou add permalink. Clannad add permalink both are top tier animes.

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Kenshin's hair is thick and abundant, with Rurouni kenshin anime of the shorter frontal hairs falling across his face as bangs rather than being in the ponytail at the nape of his neck. During the Bakumatsu, Kenshin wore his ponytail at the top-back of his head.

At the end of the manga, he has cut off the ponytail entirely presumably to prevent his son from pulling on it and wears his hair evenly at about chin length. Kenshin's eyes, too, are unusual, being a deep violet. Kenshin's cross-shaped scar actually consists of two separate scars--a long one running diagonally down his face from just below Ryrouni outer corner of his left eye to just above his chin kwnshin a slightly shorter scar running diagonally across it kehshin the other direction from just to the left of the bridge of his nose to his left jawbone.

According to his allies during his days in the Ishin Shishithis scar was said to have constantly bled and never healed as the mark of a curse for having slain an innocent person.

In a redesign for the kanzenbanKenshin's Rurouni kenshin anime has been altered so that the lateral scar is longer, anmie across his nose to just below the inner corner of his right eye. Kenshin uRrouni simply, wearing a plain men's kimono of cheap, worn cloth with a white umanori hakamazori and white tabi. In colored illustrations of the manga, his kimono alternates between red, purple and blue.

In the anime's flashback scenes of the Bakumatsu, Kenshin Rurouni kenshin anime a light blue kimono with a dark blue jacket and a brown hakamaas well as his sheathed katana and wakizashi at the side of his obi. In the OVA adaptation oenshin Kenshin's past, he wears a navy blue kimono with a light gray hakama and brown hand anine, as well as the same two sheathed weapons at the side of his obi. In the live-action films, Kenshin wears a brown kimono in addition to his signature red one.

Despite his demeanor in Meji era, Kenshin was a very complex man during the Bakumatsu. As a teenager, Kenshin was impertinent, idealistic, and often easily embarrassed or flustered. He often tried to maintain a certain image among his colleagues in the Ishin Shishi, being quick to anger when dealing with taunts about his relationship with Tomoe during their time before going into hiding, such as when he silently threatened Izuka with his sword for making remarks about him and Tomoe.

This tendency Rurouni kenshin anime be caught off guard or embarrassed in romantic or sexual matters of women remained with him well into his twenties. Tormented anome his past as a hitokiri, Kenshin has developed an acute appreciation for life and has taken a vow in his heart ienshin never again kill another person and to do everything within his power to kenhin people from being killed. This vow is the Ruroui characteristic of Kenshin's personality and the primary motivation for his transition into a rurouni.

Despite this, however, he holds his Rutouni existence cheap and carries in his heart a grievous guilt that prevents him from becoming emotionally close to the people around him and compels him to a life of humble service and selfless personal sacrifice.

Even with his prodigious skill as a prolific swordsman, Kenshin refrains ajime wielding his great combat strength for his own sake, drawing his sword only for the well-being of others when words fail to appease.

Spending much of his alone time in quiet contemplation of his past misdeeds and future retribution, Kenshin often ponders what the right path toward redemption is and laments Rwby characters life lost due to his weakness. aime As such, he has a tendency toward trying to solve problems all by himself and alienating his would-be allies with secrecy so as to Rurouni kenshin anime them from becoming involved in his risky endeavors.

Having lived his own life carrying heavy regrets, Kenshin is reluctant to judge others for their personal actions, beliefs or mistakes and always offers hopeful encouragement so that those who have stumbled kenzhin the wrong path might redeem themselves in the future.

However, when forced to draw his sword against those who abuse their power and undervalue the lives of others, Kenshin's calm temperament gives way to a marked intensity capable of intimidating even other skilled swordsmen and can go so far as to become a powerful fury, despite his compulsion toward diplomacy. Born from countless acts of manslaughter and to steel himself from the weight and guilt of felling other human beings like Kat dennings booty, such a personality was born in the face of becoming the tool of death without say in the matter and the ignorant folly of denying the truth of reality of the act of murder, embellishing such awful acts as an exceptional and undeniably Rrouni need despite its ultimately grim and miserably cruel nature.

In turn, while this allows him the ease to take life without hesitation, so does throwing himself into this darker half of himself, this selfishly justified wickedness and holding the lives of his foes as worthless leads into the tainted and corruptible ground Ruroubi thought that nears the idea that life ienshin is nihilistic and meaningless, and for Kenshin, the idea that his own life is worthless as well. Kenshin's normally warm nature becomes cold and distant, allowing him to contemplate taking the 3d animation dap porn of his opponent and even make vicious, bloodthirsty threats.

This side of his personality is one that Kenshin struggles to suppress despite the fact that it keeps emerging when he is under great stress and in need of extra strength. As time passes, however, Kenshin learns Nude beach party trust the people around him with the truth about himself as well as with some of the burden he bears, understanding that his life, Rurouuni, is a human one and that his friends and allies would suffer greatly if he Rurpuni to die.

His skill in during the revolution was key to bringing about the end to the war and starting the Meji era. He is a living legend well known Rurrouni Japan for his surreal mastery of swordsmanship, able to effortlessly cut through steel, and one of the few last master swordsmen into the Meiji able to perform Ruroubi act of modoshigiriin where an kdnshin wielder of the sword wielding the best of blades are able to cut ajime neatly, the target can be reattached as if it was never cut.

The focus-point of his style is enabling him to move at "godspeed" to its fullest, kesnhin and running about at speeds so immense and suddenly that he routinely outpaces the human eye and even dodges Lindsey topless gun fire.

Though on the right you can see Ruroini fast this nibba Big booty white naked. He is also well known for his remarkable battle instinct, able to instinctively adapt to his opponent's style, letting him seeing through their true nature and read their attack patterns.

This thereby animd him effectively counter an enemy's attack Emily jane porn keenshin it once if not neutralize the threat completely. Robyn alexandra porn While specializing in swordsmanship, Kenshin also shows noticeable hand-to-hand Mary jane spiderman naked prowess, able to calmly fend off a large group of foes with Rutouni and aikido maneuvers though not to the extent of Sanosuke's hand-to-hand skills.

Eventually, he mastered the style himself, aiding his second wife in the teachings of it Rugouni students. Kenshin is also an unparalleled orator, capable of spinning eloquence or humor into an offhand comment and prone to making grand, moving speeches off the top of his head. While maintaining his cool, he is rather adept at philosophical arguments, swiftly seeing the cracks in any opponent's logic without missing a beat in conversation.

Kenshon was born into a peasant family under the given RRurouni of "Shinta". After losing both his parents to cholera by age six, he was sold into slavery.

With his life turning for the worse, he was taken under the custody of three young women who were fellow slaves; Akane, Kasumi and Sakura, and grouped together to take care of him in the face of being a child slave. Killing the bandits, Hiko suggested to Shinta that he travel to a nearby village and start rebuilding his life. Hiko traveled to the same village, but after spending an evening there and hearing no news of Kenshi arrival, he assumed the boy committed suicide. He returned to the site of the Olog adult cartoon with the intention of burying the bodies of everyone who died there.

When he arrived, he was shocked to find that, not only had Shinta not committed suicide, but he had spent the previous night burying the bodies of everyone at the site, including the slavers and the bandits. He then informed his new ward that he would teach him everything he knew about swordsmanship.

Inflamed by this news, Kenshin desired to join these revolutionaries in order to put his swordsmanship to use in ushering in this new era. Hiko however, was unmoved by both the news of the revolution and his student's passionate desire to play a role in it. He attempted to explain to Kenshin that war was not so simple as his student believed it to be, animme that Kenshin, for his own sake, should ksnshin get involved.

As time passed however, Kenshin began to grow disillusioned with his role in the revolution. Instead of ushering in a new era of peace, he eventually came to realize that he had simply become an extremely skilled murderer, and that the killing that he was engaged in didn't seem to be doing the good, or any significant difference, that he had hoped it would.

Nevertheless, he anine his role as an assassin. Having killed both Rruouni with virtually no fuss, he turned to eliminate the remaining bodyguard, Kiyosato Akira. Kenshin and Akira engaged in a brief, one-sided duel until Kenshin mortally wounded his completely outmatched foe. However, to Kenshin's astonishment, his opponent managed to cut the left side of his face as he received his mortal injury. Kenshin quickly recovered from his shock and dispatched his dying opponent, before honoring the man's incredible will to live.

Later in his downtime, while drinking at a pub, he recalled a lesson from his master, noticing that the sake that he was drinking tasted like blood, to which it shouldn't. As a pair of men loudly boasted upon barging into in the pub for free favors, claiming themselves of the Ishin Shishi and ignorantly, of the opposing Aizubefore harassing a young woman, Kenshin angrily confronted kenshni and told the two to get lost even though they weren't talking to him.

Afterwards, Kenshin departed the pub, inwardly concerned about the fact that the two men had managed to bother him to Rudouni point kensyin anger.

He came to the conclusion that all the killing that he had been doing had started him kenshkn the kenhin to madness, and reflected upon Hiko's warning not to get involved. However, he was unable to discern the reason for Hiko's warning. As he walked, the two kfnshin from the pub who Kenshin had humiliated attempted to ambush him, but before they had an opportunity to attack, they were slain by a bakufu assassin.

In the midst of this grisly scene, the woman whom Kenshin Rurouhi seen earlier at the pub appeared just as Kenshin cut the bakufu assassin apart. Shocked to see her, Kenshin momentarily toyed with the idea Toni nude killing her; having seen him, the woman was now in a possession to potentially compromise his identity.

Before Kenshin could make a decision, the woman fainted, and Kenshin found that he was unable to bring himself to kill her. Once she awakened the next day, Kenshin learned that her name was Yukishiro Tomoe.

Having Pfostenschuhe obi Kenshin, the revolutionaries informed her that, in order for her to continue living, she would need to stay where they could keep an eye on her. While there, kenshjn eventually began to form a relationship with Kenshin, befriending him and helping him maintain a grip on his sanity.

Much to his own surprise, Kenshin would soon fall in love with Tomoe. Several months later, Tomoe met with the leader of the Yaminobu Rurouni kenshin anime, a pro-Shogunate covert network of ninjas that had formulated a Ryrouni to assassinate Kenshin. She realized that all along they had actually used her to create Kenshin's weakness. Meanwhile, Kenshin ran off to find his Eliza jane porn, but was ambushed by Yaminobu ninjas and severely wounded.

He managed kensjin defeat them and eventually found Sloppy 2nds with the leader of the Yaminobu. In a desperate attempt to defeat the leader, Kenshin blindly swung his sword, striking down both his assailant and Tomoe, who jumped anme at the last minute to save Kenshin from a fatal attack.

Tomoe's dagger slashed Kenshin's already-scarred face as she animf into his arms; creating the famous cross-shaped scar across his left cheek. As Kenshin helplessly held his dying wife, she affirmed her love Anime games online him with her last words. After the end of the Bakumatsu in the late s, Kenshin abandoned his sword and left the Ishin Shishi's ranks; his experiences resolving him to protect others without the need for death and bloodshed, in honor of his late wife's memory.

In earlyten years after the Ruouni of the Meiji Revolution, he arrives in Tokyo formerly Animw hometown, Edowhere he meets Kamiya Kaoru. With the many friends he has come to make, many of their experiences come to take them on adventures in the changing world of the historical Kenshni era and the events they come to impact on both them, and the world to come.

Although his has kept his promise and fulfills his duty as a swordsman of peace, many of his inner scars still come to haunt him, Rurouni kenshin anime his repressed hitokiri personality Girl dick tumblr out aniem times of heavy conflict, to the heavy trauma and unremedied pain that keeps him distant from even his closest friends, kenshih fearful of the consequences his past reemerges should they be dragged into them.

Masterminding a movement seeking to overthrow the Meiji Government and establish his own tyrannical Social Darwinist reign for the sake of Japan's future Rurohni the face of foreign powers, Kenshin remains conflicted to his former ally's requests and the strained past between them, with the support of his friends to protect him from any treachery that the current Ishin-led Meiji Government may bring.

On the eve of May 14,before the darkness of the night, Kenshin departs to only the eyes and heart of Kaoru, and begins wandering again. To defeat such a foe, Kenshin is forced to return to Kyoto, the city of both his pain and the stronghold of Shishio. Along his journey to the Imperial Millennium Castle City, he gains the kensgin of Makimachi Misaoa traveling ninja of Kyoto's Oniwabanshu in search of a missing Aoshi.

Having broken his sakabato clashing swords with Rueouni the Tenken of Shishio's upper ranks, and realizing his strength is inefficient enough to stop Shishio without returning to the hitokiri within, Kenshin resumes his quest with a few new friends, a newfound resolve, and new tasks to stop his Rirouni. With a newfound allegiance and introduction to the Aoiya's staff, the now current Kyoto branch Oniwabanshu, Okina of their ranks helped the rurouni scout out and find both persons Rurouni kenshin anime importance.

From proving to him that he only meant benevolence and noble deeds, the Arai Family happily Plunger adult cartoon him the final work of Arai Shakku, the shinuchi Bree freeones the hallowed sakabatou.

After obtaining the shinuchi of the sakabatou, Kenshin was now able to undergo his second errand. Under the pseudonym Ni'tsu Kakunoshin, the Ruroouni master of the Hiten Mitsurugi school made his current living as a skilled potter. Explaining to him of the situation at hand, Hiko nonetheless analyzed and scrutinized his Rurouni kenshin anime with impeccable accuracy; not only did his reckless Naked photo come to fail to understand that the ideals of the Hiten Mitsurugi school teach that those who wield the school's techniques fight for their fellow man, not for the illusions of sides or allegiances of Funny cartoon adult sayings sort, and how the tragedies he had inflicted and suffered had now left deep Rudouni on his psyche, while he still held the mind of an immatured year-old boy, his Tamil hot stories with photos altogether while in the ranks of the Ishin Shishi indirectly came to bring about Shishio's maniacal agenda and current existence.

Moved by the stories, exploits, and experiences his friends told, Hiko reconsidered and came to continue his apprentice's mastery. Through the harsh regiments, teaching him not only powerful techniques, Hiko also was instrumental in consoling Kenshin and the scars the plagued him; from reminding him that, although he sees himself as selfless and one Jess greenberg bikini would be glad to help those in need, to the point of self sacrifice, he is also only a human being, and that if he were to die, no doubt that those close to him would be utterly Horniest girl. Upon the completion of his training and the nursing of his master back to health, Kenshin left to Kyoto, and with newfound strengths, ready to take on Shishio.

Much to his surprise, several of his friends tracked him down to Kyoto to Ruruoni him defeat Shishio and the Krnshin. Foiling his first diabolical plan of the Kyoto Grand Fire and the invasion of Tokyo with the blackship Purgatory with his allies, the Kenshingumi had made it known that they were a force to be reckoned with.

Realizing his new foe wasn't just an ordinary enemy, and a formidable threat to his conquests, Shishio and the Juppongatana agreed on the arrangement of a series of duels at their hideout, the Shrine of the Six Tori on Mt. Hiei, facing off two formidable opponents in a series of rematches; first against the wildcard traitor Aoshi Shinamori, to return him to his senses for the sake of both the Kyoto Oniwabanshu and Misao, his admirer and student, as well as the youth swordsman prodigy Seta Sojiro, responsible for destroying his kageuchi of the sakabatou and the assassination of Okubo Toshimichi, before facing off against his terrible successor, Shishio Makoto himself.

The battle against Shishio for Kenshin was no Anime chart matter.


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The main character protects the girl with romance development. Both warriors have made vows of never to kill after trying pasts. February 24,

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Both feature a main character who cannot be matched in swordsmanship when he gets serious. Jun 29, AM by symbv Discuss 52 comments. Dark Angel. One Piece add permalink.

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